Installation of Wheelchair Ramp

Woman on ramp
Modification Los Angeles, CA

Amanda is a 40-year-old tenant who lives with her husband and daughter in Los Angeles.  She has multiple sclerosis and it has progressed to the point that she and her doctor agree she should start using a motorized wheelchair.  She asks Mark, her landlord, that she be permitted, at her expense, to install a ramp so that she can access her apartment easily and safely using a motorized wheelchair. Mark agrees but he is concerned that the ramp be installed properly and that it be removed when her tenancy ends.

Amanda turns to the Westside Center for Independent Living.  The WCIL staff explain to both Amanda and Mark that while a landlord must permit the ramp modification, the tenant must not only pay for its installation, she must assure that it is done in a “workmanlike” manner.  She must also commit to paying to restore the unit to its original condition in the event she leaves the unit.  Fortunately for both Amanda and Mark, WCIL has a program called the Housing Assistance Program that provides grants and referrals to licensed contractors for modifications.  Together, Amanda, Mark and WCIL reach an agreement for the ramp’s installation and it is installed before she gets the wheelchair.