Push-Button Wall Switch Installed for Wheelchair User

auto door
Modification Santa Monica, CA

Monica is a tenant in Santa Monica, California who uses a wheelchair. Her unit was deed-restricted for affordability. Whenever she attempted to enter her building from the oceanfront walkway, her key fob unlocked the large front door for only a few seconds.  She was not able to reach the door in time and even if she could, she would have to pull it open or have a passerby open it for her.  From the inside, she had to push the door open, which is difficult and awkward in a wheelchair. She resigned to always use a back entrance.

As she was getting help from the Santa Monica City Attorney's Office (CAO) regarding a needed parking accommodation, Monica showed city staff the difficulties she had with the front door.  The CAO then negotiated with the landlord to hire a technician to extend the time the door remains unlocked, and also to install a push-button wall switch on the inside. Since the unit was deed-restricted for affordability, the CAO also persuaded the landlord to pay the costs of the installation.